What kinds of equipment do truck driver training schools use?

By Gus Murray, Driver Recruiter & Special Contributor
Article last updated on 1/8/2008

The most important equipment that you will find at a trucking school is, you guessed it, the trucks. In order to get the best education possible, you will want to find a school that trains students on late-model equipment that is very similar to the type of truck you will be driving for a company. Some students find when they go to school that the trucks they are driving are a bit worn down and are sometimes old – some are 5 years old or older – but keep in mind that entry level students with no experience are pretty hard on trucks when they first start learning. A little bit of wear and tear on these expensive machines is ok, but for the most part a good school will have several late-model, well-maintained trucks that are safe for driving on the road and on the range.

Some schools also use computer simulators as a way to teach students. This is a good way to get new drivers some extra practice if they need it, but this should never be used as the only way to train a new CDL driver. The best way is by driving actual equipment and experiencing the truck firsthand. You cannot really be prepared to drive a big rig if all you’ve done is use a computer! Most truck driving schools will also use videos, books, and some hands-on objects such as truck parts during the classroom phase of training to give students the best understanding possible.

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