Will I have to pay for fuel and maintenance on the truck I drive?

By Mac Longacre, Veteran Truck Driver & Staff Writer
Article last updated on 9/18/2008

If you are working as an over-the-road company driver, you will probably never have to pay for fuel or any maintenance associated with your truck. The trucking companies will provide much of the maintenance themselves, but will also pay for things like towing, roadside assistance, or other issues. Also, most trucking companies give their drivers fuel cards and participate in gas-saving programs that offer discounts. Most companies will even cover any expenses for tolls, bridges, and an EZ-Pass that makes going through these areas faster and easier.

If you become an owner operator, however, you will be responsible for paying for both your own fuel and your truck’s maintenance while you work. Owner operators are like independent contractors for trucking companies, and the driver owns the truck he drives. With the price of gas so high, however, a lot of trucking companies have been offering a fuel surcharge for owner operators, which means that they will pay the driver extra per mile to help offset fuel costs. If you work as a company driver, however, you won’t have to worry about paying for your fuel or maintenance costs.

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