The Retiring of the Road Warrior

By Gus Murray, Driver Recruiter & Special Contributor
Article last updated on 6/22/2007

We all know there’s a shortage of over-the-road truck drivers. It’s been the same story year after year. But now, some new research shows that the graying of America will have a huge impact on the over-the-road truck driver labor pool. Beginning in 2008, the oldest of the 7.2 million baby boomers will start retiring. Worse yet, only 4.6 million Generation X workers remain to take their place in the workforce. This could spell disaster for almost every business, but will hit the truck driving industry especially hard. The average age of an over-the-road truck driver is in the mid-40s, meaning that many drivers are quickly approaching retirement and trucking companies will be struggling to replace them.

The bad news is, many truck driving companies are struggling already. According to Global Insight, the trucking industry is currently facing a shortage of 219,000 drivers. In order to keep up with baby boomers’ retirement, an additional 320,000 truck drivers must be hired in the next 10 years. That means that overall, 539,000 new drivers will need to be trained and hired by the next decade!

So what does this mean for an entry-level trucker? Endless career opportunity and unmatched job security. As baby boom drivers begin to retire, trucking companies are going to great lengths to recruit and retain over-the-road drivers. This means higher pay, better benefits, and sign-on bonuses that will make trucking an even smarter career choice. All in all, the future looks bright for someone pursuing a truck driving career.

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