Trucker Tribute "Down the Road" Video Released

By Gus Murray, Driver Recruiter & Special Contributor
Article last updated on 12/4/2008

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Truck drivers are some of the most unsung heroes in America today. However, independent rock artist Rob Anthony feels that the life of a truck driver is definitely something worth singing about, and has created a tribute song and video especially for some of our country’s hardest workers.

Anthony, an Appleton, Wisconsin native, has been making music since 2000 and has produced three albums, including his newest release Inside You and Inside Me in 2006. Anthony’s work has been highly praised by members of the music industry and has received numerous awards from the Wisconsin Area Music Industry, Songwriters of Wisconsin International, and others. What’s most apparent about Anthony’s music, however, is that it is full of emotion and comes straight from his heart. This is especially true about his truck driver tribute, “Down the Road”.

Although Anthony was never a truck driver himself, he became very familiar with the lifestyle while working at a shipping company several years ago. By talking to countless drivers and hearing their stories about life over the road, he felt a personal connection and appreciation for the thankless job that truckers do. So, when the American Trucking Associations announced its “Get Trucking” promotional campaign, Anthony was moved to write “Down the Road” to show the world what being a truck driver is truly like. The single has since become the campaign’s theme song.

Watch this exclusive video to hear Rob Anthony’s tribute single, “Down the Road”. For more information about Anthony’s music, log on to

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