Amid Trucking Job Scams, Successful Driver Recruiting Firm Builds Program On Trust

By Biff McGee, Guest Columnist
Article last updated on 12/4/2008

Over the last several months, countless trucking schools and hard-working people have been scammed out of money by con artists. At USA Truck Driving Schools, we want all of our readers to have the best information when making a decision to start a trucking career, so I thought I'd pass this information along to all of you. Enjoy! -Biff

INDIANAPOLIS, February 15, 2008 -- Con artists have now set their sights on the trucking industry. Recently, several independent truck driving schools have been targeted by con artists representing themselves as recruiting personnel from several well-known trucking companies. Authorities across the country are investigating reports of several truck driving school graduates who were scammed out of hundreds of dollars for advanced placement fees and expenses. The scam works like this: the con artist contacts truck driving schools posing as a driver recruiting representative for a major U.S. trucking company. The con artist suggests to school personnel that the trucking company wants to form a partnership with the school and requests a list of recent school graduates. The graduates are then contacted by the con artist, who promises false job opportunities and perks for a fee. To date, several truck driving schools throughout the country have been targeted. One trucking company executive commented that his recruiting staff was being bombarded with calls from scammed truck school graduates and truck driving schools.

However, there are reputable recruiting companies out there who do things the right way. One of the largest of these is Driver Solutions, who specializes in recruiting and training entry-level truck drivers. Driver Solutions manages a driver recruiting and CDL training network of several well-known trucking companies and credible truck driving schools. Driver Solutions offers a company-sponsored training program with no up-front tuition costs or placement fees. Through the company-sponsored training program, the trucking company agrees to pay for the student's upfront tuition costs and the student agrees to become a company driver once he graduates CDL training. Driver Solutions President Mark Kinsel commented on the recruiting scam affecting the trucking industry: "Driver Solutions never solicits an up-front recruitment fee from our students. Our goal is to break down the barriers that prevent good people from realizing their dreams." Driver Solutions' unique program enables the company to recruit new truck drivers without requiring tuition down payments, credit checks, or hefty loans and co-signors.

"Driver Solutions never provides information about our graduates to any outside companies or individuals," Kinsel continued. "We want our students to feel at ease with the recruitment and training process because trust is the cornerstone to success in our business. Good communication makes sure there are no surprises." The company's recruiting policy includes developing a personal relationship between the prospective student and his personal driver agent through constant communication. This interaction with Driver Solutions personnel, the CDL training school, and the sponsoring trucking company assures students of the integrity of Driver Solutions' recruitment process.

About Driver Solutions

Driver Solutions is a career management company specializing in CDL training programs and job placement for inexperienced truck drivers. The company oversees the Driver Solutions Network, which is comprised of trucking companies including P.A.M. Transport, USA Truck, and Averitt Express, as well as several recognized truck driving schools throughout the United States. For more information about Driver Solutions, visit the corporate website at

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